Victoria Presbyterian Church

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The Session

The session consists of the minister (teaching elder) as the moderator of the session and six ruling elders.

The minister of Victoria is a member of The Presbytery of Algoma and North Bay.

According to the Book of Forms of  The Presbyterian Church in Canada, a minister is a constituent member of the session in respect to his/her judicial functions, but in respect of his/her ministerial functions, he/she is the executive of the presbytery, and as such distinguishable from the session. 

Finance and Maintenance Committee (F&M)

This committee is responsible for the finance and maintenance of the church. They report to the session. 

Presbyterian Women, including Good Will Committee

All women of the congregation are invited to the Presbyterian Women meetings which usually begin with a dinner potluck followed by devotions.

The work of the Presbyterian Women includes good will (e.g. cards, visits, donations), fundraising (teas), tuck shop duty at the Davey Home,

and providing luncheons during visitations and following funerals.

This group is also involved with the Women’s Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Currently Myrla Orr is our Good Will convener, and Joan Marshall is our president. 

Coffee Hour

This community group has met regularly in the church annex since 1979 on Wednesday mornings at 9.30 for crafts and fellowship.

Currently Marion Calvert is the chairperson. 

Sunday school 

Sunday school is provided for children each Sunday. Teachers are scheduled on a rotation basis.

Children leave the worship service after the children’s ministry time to attend Sunday school in the annex.  

Organist/ Church choir

For specific seasons of the church year (Advent, Christmas, and Easter) the choir sings during the ministry of music on Sunday mornings.

Susan Slabbert willingly conducts the choir during these special seasons of the church year.

Rita Wagner acts as our volunteer organist for regular worship services on Sunday mornings. 

Worship-Music Committee

The committee assists the minister by selecting some of the music for worship.